Sorry, The DL/0 code is right now undergoing major redesign, among other things, to fit contemporary Python code distribution standards.

Installing Design Explorer for the first time:

  • Windows users:
    • Download designSetup.exe and execute it (temporarily unavailable).
    • From the Help menu, select Design langauage Tutorial. Browse the tutorial.
  • Python users:
    • Unzip the Python sources to a location on the PYTHON_PATH.
      You will need the Python interpretter version 2.6 or higher and WxPython 2.8 or higher installed on your system to invoke the main module design.pyw. 

All Design Language downloadables:

Item Description Current version Previous version
1. Code Main program - Design Language compiler Explorer (Python source code)
2.  Windowsinstaller (temporarily unavailable) Main program - Design Language compiler Explorer (MS-Windows installer). Includes items 5 and 6 below.
3. Tutorial sources Complete DL/0 source for the stages in the Design Language Help tutorial. 11 Oct 2008 11 Oct 2008
4. "Skill-driven" Code Documentation Code documentation conventions, based on DL/0-generated code (temporarily unavailable). 21 Jul 2008 21 Jul 2008
5. C++ coding conventions. C++ coding conventions, Compatible with DL/0-generated code (temporarily unavailable). 1 Jun 2008 22 Mar 2005
6. "Skill-Driven" SRS. Software Requirement Specification ("Skill-Driven") - Form, Content and Guidelines (temporarily unavailable). 12 Oct 2008 12 Oct 2008
7. Editor scripts Productivity tools for external editors: TextPad, MultiEdit (temporarily unavailable). 2 Jan 2006 22 Jan 2005

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