Avner Ben,
Born in Tel-Aviv 1951.
Senior Consultant, Architect and Mentor
in Object Oriented Design and Programming.
Author of DL/0 design language and
supporting software for design implementation and abstraction.

Career highlights: 
2018 EW signal processing. Device drivers and test Human Interface using C++ on Windows.
2013-2014 Engineering interactive application. Design and implementation of Client/server architecture and 2D geometric infrastructure using DL/0, Python and Twisted/HTTP.
2008-2009 Cellular phone user interface. Chief Software architect. Samsung Telecom Research
2007-2017  Real-time object-oriented infrastructure. Design and implementation of concurrent OO and socket-based communication infrastructure and STL-compliant containers using DL/0 and C++ on Windows CE, Windows desktop and vxWorks. Elbit/Elisra
2001-2, 2005  Airborne signal processing. Work-force OO upgrade. Overseeing object-oriented design (using DL/0).
1998: Message repository for distributed system Design and implementation using DL/0 and C++/MFC.
Elbit/Tadiran Sytems
1996: Visual editor for programming language. Design, overseeing and coding using C++/MFC.
1982-1990: Various DP applications: accountancy, data acquisition, manpower, attendance - design and implementation using PL/I, COBOL, MAGIC, PRO-IV, and SAPIENS.
1990-: Numerous training courses: basic, advanced, conversion, team mentoring. Subjects: information system analysis, OOD, design patterns, C++, C# and Python. Sivan, SELA, Pacific, John Bryce
2003: "Skill-driven design" method summary and case study in proceedings of SSGRR Winter 2003.
2000: "Skill-driven" GUI design ("MVC" architecture) tutorial in Journal Of Object Oriented Programming.
1998: "Skill-driven design" introduction in Journal Of Object Oriented Programming.
1983-4: Information System Analysis, Israel Institute of Productivity.
1981-: Self-educated. I have no academic degrees.